3️⃣If you have a crypto wallet and funds

  1. Select your chain in drop down list left from Connect Wallet button.

  2. Click Connect Wallet. Depends on your wallet type you will have opened window to confirm add network and change network. Confirm all and you will go next window.

  3. If you don't have avaliable to play moto NFTs, you will see gray disabled buttons. Click Buy to buy game NFT. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  4. Now you have to add your NFT to game smart contract. Click Add. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet. After adding will done, you can select NFT to play

  5. Click Select on your NFT.

  6. Next click Buy and Select. So, you're ready for play!

  7. Then click on the icon as in the photo to change the review.

  8. Have a fun game!

Would you like to own the track?

  1. Click Track.

  2. Click Buy to purchase a track. Then confirm the transaction on the wallet. And next click Add and Select.

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