Important Nuances for Victory

The gameplay divides users into two camps:

  1. Track owners - NFT locations where competitions are held. Depending on the level, the tracks may differ in length, appearance of the location, and the minimum bet threshold.

  2. Owners of NFT characters who fight bots in the game and compete with each other.

Both in motoDEX will have to develop their facilities and earn on their subsequent operation. Players interact with each other through the following mechanics:

  • The owner of the track gives other users of the game access to his obstacle course. To participate in competitions on someone else's NFT object, players need to place a bet. The start bet threshold is set by the owner of the track.

  • The minimum bet size directly depends on the level of the track.

  • The game on the track starts after the user decides on the game location and makes a bet.

  • The presence of an NFT character is a prerequisite to start playing on the track.

  • The task of the gameplay is to keep your character safe and sound, to get ahead of other real players on the track and break old records.

  • Game achievements are recorded in the corresponding smart contract and allow track owners and players to receive bonuses and rewards.

  • Along with real players in each game session, there are pest bots on the track.

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