Our features

🏍️ motoDEX is a project that is developing by leaps and bounds. The game has made a splash in the NFT market due to its obvious advantages:

  1. Ease of character selection and intuitive gameplay. An uncomplicated plot, combined with the drive of high-speed racing and colorful locations, rivets fans of the classic genre of racing simulators to the screens.

  2. Protection of financial transactions with smart contacts. The algorithm automatically generates, monitors and updates data about the funds at the disposal of the players. The rejection of the human factor in favor of blockchain technology guarantees users honesty and transparency of payments.

  3. Fair discrimination. The automatic price increase for new characters provides trailblazer motoDEX buyers with smart contract-level benefits. The project guarantees investors, who enter the game at the start of the project, an advantage in monetizing game progress.

  4. Game economy that stimulates the growth of prices for NFT objects. The condition for the increase in the cost of tracks and characters after each new sale, laid down in the algorithm, ensures a stable increase in the value of in-game items.

  5. High liquidity with the possibility of obtaining super-profits. At the start of the project, players have a chance to increase their investment in gameplay.

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