🇺🇦 Oleksii Vinogradov - Founder, CEO, serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience. He created twelve companies and do couple exits while. His professional background is business and team development, software/hardware engineering, sales, and finance. Oleksii is founder of CFC, Heartln Inc. President/Owner of IXC Softswitch.

🇺🇦 Khil Margaret - Head of business development at OpenBiSea with a major focus in the following industries: NFT, gaming, cryptocurrency and NFT.​

🇺🇦 Oleg Bondar - Chief Executive Officer with 12+ years of experience in the position CEO company for the development of retail stores of various world brands.

Developer team:

🇺🇦 Vasyl - senior JS developer, who specialises in the design, testing and implementation of software.

🇺🇦 Egor - senior Unity developer with 5 years of experience in Unity 3D content development, strong ability with C# object-oriented programming language and experience with game assets.

🇺🇦 Sergii - senior Unity developer, with 3 years of experience in Unity 3D content development.

Head of marketing:

🇺🇦 Artem - head of marketing and content maker with more than 5 years of experience in this field.

Head of design:

🇺🇦 Denis - is a Unity designer who specializes in 2D and 3D character art production. Highly efficient with high/low resolution sculpting, texturing techniques, rigging, skinning, lighting, and rendering.

The OpenBiSea team consists of 8 full-time and 4 part-time employees. The team will continue to grow to around 20 people until the end of 2023. We also are working with a few freelancers.

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