The gameplay gives users several roles:

  1. PASS THE ROUTES. We have created special routes through major cities of Ukraine to make your walks even more interesting. It's simple: put on NFT sneakers and go on a journey through the routes of your own city, for which you will receive real money.

  2. CREATE ROUTES. Create your own city routes and share them with tourists and followers. Get a percentage of the income from your routes.

  3. CREATE CONTENT. You can become a dexGO ambassador. This assumes that you will receive copyrights and be able to open your own channel on Instagram, Tik-Tok and other social networks targeting your own city and shoot content about interesting places and routes, earning on the referral system.

  4. INVEST IN THE GAME ASSETS. We believe in continuous innovation and are open to cooperation with anyone who can share this mindset. We attach great importance to the formation and maintenance of strong partnership relations, which opens up new opportunities for both parties.

In dexGO everyone earns in different ways. Players interact with each other through the following mechanics:

1. Create a route.

The influencer develops and exposes routes to other users, creating unique NFTs with content that describes the route and the necessary content. For example, move from point A to point B, where an interesting monument is located. Leave the ball in the ring near the monument in a mini-game with augmented reality, score points. Read short facts about the monument in augmented reality. Answer a short quiz. Take a photo and share it on your social networks. Move to point B. Each completed point adds points for the route, depending on the result.

The total amount of remuneration does not change, but the influencer can split them at will. A set of augmented reality games is proposed by the project team. Easter eggs can be placed on the route (hidden objects that need to be found by turning the camera around while passing the route). They can be located in a random place inside the transitions between points.

2. Passing the route.

The opinion leader must buy shoes himself and go through the route. The NFT route created by him can be sold after the Lock period at the auction. The new owner will receive all income.

3. Checking the route.

The created routes are checked by the project team or a randomly selected opinion leader from another region.

4. Codes of activation.

After completing the route, the influencer generates limited activation codes for first-level players, and now they can enter the game.

5. Game start.

After entering, they buy or rent shoes in the form of NFTs and can start climbing routes. The presence of NFT shoes is a prerequisite for passing the route. The task of the gameplay is to score as many points as possible, earnings depend on them.

NFT shoes are subject to wear and after wear 0 cannot be used. Passing a route with a lot of wear removes part of the reward

6. The rule of six handshakes.

The network has a rule of six handshakes for nine friends. After the first passage, everyone who passed an opportunity to invite more friends. The first nine people become friends with the first handshake. When the first handshake is completed, all invitees enter the levels of the second handshake, and so on ad infinitum.

7. Fee distribution.

50% of the amount from any purchase made at any level is distributed over six handshakes up.

The closest friend who invited you gets 15% of the purchase. and each next level gets 7% of the purchase. Each next level receives 8% - 7% - 6% - 5% - 5% 4% of the purchase.

Let's say the track is passed, and the payment is $100 for the passage. The closest friend who invited you will receive $15, the other invitees will receive respectively $8 - $7 - $6 - $5 - $5 - $4.

8. Smart contracts.

Bonuses are available for withdrawal once a month only for friends who made one purchase per month and invited at least three friends to the game.

Game achievements, connections for six handshakes and distribution of percentages are recorded in the corresponding smart contract and allow all players to receive bonuses and rewards guaranteed.

The passage of the route is confirmed at the level of the smart contract and the team and / or opinion leader. The passer must post on social networks with a link to the game, where to mark the leader of opinions and a selfie / video at one of the stops.

8. NFT movie.

Any player who completes the route gets the right to create and sell a special NFT movie with a movie about his passage. The content of this movie is only available to NFT purchasers. Opinion leaders, the community passing the route, the dexGo project team can announce competitions for the best films. Top movies will have priority in displaying on the marketplace.

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