💰Route income

During the game, NFT routes and NFT shoes are placed on a special smart contract. Each sale / restoration of shoes, activation of the route (advertising or from an influencer) creates a cash flow. These funds also go to the smart contract. After passing the route, the player receives a certain part of the generated funds according to the principle:

  1. All collected money is divided into 6 months, by calendar days

  2. The balance for the month is divided among all those who completed the route, but no more than 1% of the balance and no more than the current selling price of shoes

  3. Each repetition of the route reduces the maximum (the current selling price of shoes) by 10 times

  4. The amount is reduced by incorrectly passed quizzes, a bad result in the augmented reality mini-game, as well as wear / release date of shoes.

  5. The amount is increased by the group passage of the route, and part of the increase is received by the best results in the group

  6. Unselected balance rolls over to the next month

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