• A Guild is a special NFT with a guild logo and an indication of all guild members.

  • The guild receives a common account, to which dexGo additionally credits 5% of the income of all guild members.

  • From this common account, by voting (everything on the blockchain), you can spend on the purchase / restoration of shoes and the creation of routes for any member of the guild (discount to the guild, depending on the number of active 10-25%).

  • All passes go to the overall guild standings.

  • Guild routes receive priority in the ranking.

  • In posts about the passage and films, all guild members have the guild logo added.

  • Logging out of the guild by voting or decision of the leaders.

  • Exclusive - routes available for passage only for guild members.

  • A guild can be created by at least 5 people with once used shoes.

  • Guild with less than 5 members is disbanded automatically.

  • All guild members must make at least 5 passes per month (or disbanded).

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