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dexGo is a Move-To-Earn and learn-To-Earn social NFT game with Social-Fi elements in which users earn money by completing real routes and competing in AR mini-games at stops.

Benefits for players:

  1. Augmented reality and direct interest in movement and exploration of locations.

  2. The ability to create routes / quests yourself so that friends go and earn money on it.

  3. The possibility of earning not only on the game, but also NFT, referral system and other opportunities.

  4. The full ownership of game items and guaranteed distribution of money through the blockchain. Protecting financial transactions with smart contacts.

  5. The possibility to shoot and sell mini-films about your passage of the route, and in the future to receive income.

  6. The opportunity to monetize your social connections.

  7. Communication with like-minded people.

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