🎦Game objects

How and on what to make money in the game?

There are three main categories of NFT objects in the game:

  1. Shoes are animated NFTs that are bought to complete the route. They have a wear level capacity that allows more distance to travel and is recoverable. They are assigned a release date, later bought NFTs have more value and less initial wear

  2. Routes consisting of a path, stops where a mini-game, a training lecture or an augmented reality quiz take place.

  3. Movie-NFT, with a movie about the passage of the player route.

What you need to know about game characters?

  • shoes can have their own unique name. A player can rename NFT shoes for $10.

  • the level of wear decreases as a result of passing the route. Upon reaching level zero, the player will have to buy new shoes or put on a shoe repair contract.

  • a standard repair lasts 2 days and costs $5. You can order an accelerated repair for 2 hours and $20

  • each repair decrease maximum kilometers on 1%

  • The sequence number of the NFT affects the rate of level decrease. The shoes of the first buyers wear out more slowly.

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