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Do you know, according to Forbes influencer marketing predictions for 2023, what we will expect shift from vanity metrics to quality KPIs. But it still challenge to keep KPI big enough and leave followers. To solve that, we creating move to earn plus AR game solution which will help monetize and grow your auditory native way.

DexGO solves all of the above problems and keeps up with growth

  • the possibilities of creating routes (and posts about them) are inexhaustible;

  • there is value for subscribers to stay involved and join the influencer by going to the places where he was;

  • each subscriber who has passed the route advertises an influencer;

  • the influencer earns in the background not only from direct sales, but also from sales that came through subscribers.

You can get started right now

  1. Make your referral link with our step by step guide. Start selling NFT sneakers now and monetize your followers.

  2. Create routes to pass and our team will add them to the game.

  3. Get complete freedom in content creation. We provide you with the materials, but it is up to you to use them or not. You can create any content about DexGO yourself. Any format: stories, publications, reels, videos etc.

Feel free to book a call with CEO OpenBiSea - Oleksii Vynogradov and discuss dexGO opportunities and partnerships

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