Any player who completes the route gets the right to create and sell a special NFT movie with a movie about his passage. The content of this movie is only available to NFT purchasers. In order to create a movie, the player records all the stages of his passage, with comments and possible interesting points in the process of moving from point to point. Thus, the films of the players are of interest both to those who are going to go through the route, and to other people.

After editing, the film is moderated and goes on sale.

These films are a separate asset, they can be released in limited editions, they are sold on the internal marketplace. ​​In fact, the player becomes a director, and gets the opportunity to monetize their talents instead of adding content to social networks for free.

The film can be rented out on a special smart contract, where, according to the advertising or subscription model, the owner receives a percentage of the income.

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