🗺️Routes to pass

Routes are released one at a time by the influencer, with a maximum release of 20 routes for one leader. The influencer collects the route in the form:

  • general title and description of the route (+ voice recording optional)

  • recorded walking routes as Google Maps links between all points

  • title and description of each point (+ voice recording optional)

  • 360 degree photo at each point with marks where to sculpt text with interesting facts and the text itself

  • quizzes on interesting facts with correct answers

  • mini-game in augmented reality from the list (if there is no quiz and interesting facts)

  • % reward distribution for each leg of the journey and for each stop (total 100%).

The starting price for creating a route is $50. However, each new creation increases its price by 10% for that influencer. After the route is implemented into the system by the project team, the influencer must buy shoes and go through the route himself. From that moment on, the route is activated and available in the system for any player who has bought shoes.

In order for opinion leaders to more actively attract players to competitions on their routes and thereby develop the game economy, dexGO provides maximum idle period. If no one passes the route within 90 days, it is deactivated and can no longer be used in the system.

What do you need to know about routes?

  • The date the route was created affects the maximum downtime period and revenue distribution. The earlier the routes are created, the more the influencer gets and the longer the maximum downtime period.

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